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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your policies?

This is probably (and not unreasonably) one of the most common questions I was asked during the 2019 election campaign. It is too general to answer succinctly, but here are a few thoughts. I've lived and worked in many parts of the world, studied politics and policy studies and will support policies that serve our LONG TERM interests. I am not beholden to major donor's interests. I have been a swinging voter and support initiative and effort while ensuring most vulnerable members of society are supported with respect and dignity. Education is an investment - I'd like greater emphasis on life skills such as healthy eating and strategies to deal with stress etc. We must seriously pursue an international agenda on environmental and displaced people. Big business and Multinational Corporations should pay tax commensurate with earnings derived at the country in which profits are generated. At the end of the day, I will support good policy and don't care where it comes from or who gets the credit. I welcome your ideas and am happy to discuss specific policies and issues separately.

What are your views on improving the natural environment?

I wish to expand habitat. I support incentives for land owners to apportion areas for native vegetation. Environmental issues should be above politics and action supported by objective peer reviewed SCIENCE is necessary. I plan to introduce federal legislation to amend the constitutional barriers that impede comprehensive and coordinated action and allow states and federal governments to buck pass and circumvent the implementation of effective environmental policies. Habit loss world wide is catastrophic - as a wealthy country we should be world leaders. Our recent record of land clearing and rate of extinctions is unconscionable.

We can do many things individually and collectively at the personal, local, national and international level. Examples include:

· walking or riding a bike for shorter trips,

· growing your own food/plant trees and other flora

· reducing heating/cooling levels

· work from home if possible, commute by bike and/or combine driving and riding your bike to work

· investing in solar panels and using appliances to optimise solar energy use

· supporting investment that will make fossil fuels redundant

· providing educational opportunities internationally, especially for women.

A population policy that aligns with Australian’s wishes would see a slowing of growth and make it easier to meet our emissions commitments and deliver reductions much sooner than is otherwise possible.

What political reforms would you support?

See the blog on ‘money corrupts’

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