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How to vote in the by-election

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Eden-Monaro deserves an honest broker and non-partisan federal member! After an encouraging result and lots of support during and since the May 2019 election James is keen to ensure the Eden-Monaro electorate is heard. James is a genuine local with immediate family and friends throughout this great and unique electorate. He is 100% self funded and will act only in the public interest - not those of cashed up political donors. James has the long-term interests of this great electorate at heart he should be your no. 1 selection on July 4th, voting day.

I invite you to support good policy and sound government – not personalities or outdated ideology. I have a simple approach which is to Listen, Think, Vote. I will not accept financial donations (an area that is overdue for political reform) and welcome your ideas and proposals that will best serve the long-term interests of this great electorate, state, country and planet.

As a much-vaunted ‘bellwether’ seat you should be heard and respected. Please consider voting 1 James Holgate (For Eden-Monaro). Please allocate your preferences thoughtfully (I will have a how to vote card after nominations are confirmed). Please vote conscientiously. Listen, Think, Vote!

PS I do have a how to vote card (see attached). Please put James Holgate at number 1 and number every box from 2 to 14. My now to vote card is a guide only; I have met other candidates and allocated preferences after consideration of policy and individual character analyses. Please vote thoughtfully and carefully to make sure your vote is valid.

How to vote 2020
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Date: July 4th, 2020

The information below has been sourced from the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) website:

To find up-to-date information on the Eden-Monaro by-election, reach out to James through our contact page or refer to the AEC's website:

How are votes counted?

The ballot paper will list all of this year's by-election candidates, for you to put your preferences in from first to last.

On the ballot paper, you need to put a ‘1’ in the box beside the candidate who is your first choice, ‘2’ in the box beside your second choice and so on, until you have numbered every box. You must number every box for your vote to count.

Postal Votes

This election, voters from the Eden-Monaro electorate will be allowed to submit postal votes provided they meet the criteria on the AEC website.

If you would like to apply for a postal vote, or check your postal voting enrolment, use the AEC website via clicking on this link, or copying and pasting the link into your browser:

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