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Money corrupts!

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

I seek to reform political party donations to ensure political processes are undertaken in the public interest. Political parties are beholden to vested interests of their donors.take back

The problems of party donations are manifold:

Parties can not objectively pursue policies that are harmful to their donors' vested interests – Examples include:

Fossil fuel producers who will seek to ensure coal and other highly polluting energy sources remain profitable over the long term;

Financial institutions seek to limit transparency and accountability - we have had Royal Commissions and other inquires that have revealed egregious behaviour yet there have been no significant prosecutions;

Population policy - studies repeatedly show that the majority of the proverbial 'quiet Australians' are concerned about high population growth, yet this important issue seems to be ignored or used as a foil for name calling and wolf whistling. Vested interests also foster an environment for market distortion, if not failures. A good example is the concessions given to energy companies to invest in 'poles and wires' (quite unnecessarily) since 2010; Note that network costs account for 48% of the average residential power bill. (see )

Australia has gone from one of the lowest electricity cost countries to the highest of any developed country. Vested interests often seek to stifle innovation.

A Select Committee into the Political Influence of Donations established in 2017 is salutary - to read more see the following:

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